The chosen service provider

Townsend Information Systems has grown consistently and we are now the chosen service provider for many blue-chip companies. We take time to understand your competitive and technological landscape, which means we can implement your key objectives precisely.

Here is a selection of projects we have completed recently.

Coca Cola

Townsend Information Systems was involved in a four-week consultancy exercise for Coca Cola in Atlanta Georgia USA.

We conducted a gap analysis exercise in order to determine the differences between their old intellectual property system and a new web-based system they were moving to.

Coca Cola needed a way to manage their Trade Mark search process in a more automated way and a business and technical specification was written via collaboration with an Intellectual Property software supplier.


As part of a major project spanning three years, Townsend Information Systems led the technical design and development of a legal web-based system.

This project was a collaboration between Ford and British American Tobacco and consisted of a team of eight developers in the UK and three developers in the USA.

Townsend Information Systems provided business analysis, technical design and the eventual rollout of the system.

The result? The system was a major success. The software has been sold to a specialist company providing legal software ( It now boasts over 20,000 users in 160 countries.


Microsoft needed a way to electronically manage their large portfolio in bulk.

Townsend Information Systems designed and specified a module for the Anaqua Intellectual property management system. A fully automated module was written that allowed the system to fully track and manage the filings of new Trade Marks in a few simple steps.

The result? Our input saved many hours of work and provided massive productivity gains.

British American Tobacco

Townsend Information Systems has been involved in many systems for British American Tobacco.

One project involved the introduction and specification of a document management system. This allowed correspondence to be imported from email. It also linked up to a fast scanner, which allowed departments to scan any form of correspondence easily into the document management system.

Another project involved migrating a number of legacy applications – from Access and classic ASP to the Microsoft .NET platform.

The result? Townsend Information Systems was involved in several system performance reviews and delivered speed increases of over 400% in most cases.


Townsend Information Systems was asked to assist with a tanker scheduling system, which was responsible for scheduling around the world.

In order to provide optimal profitability, it was essential for Shell to provide a just in time delivery network, i.e. not stock pile oil in the petrol stations.

This large project involved two large IT consultancies. Townsend Information Systems was sub-contracted to produce a module in order to handle the ordering side. The system was client server based and designed in PowerBuilder.

Lloyds TSB

Townsend Information Systems carried out several projects for Lloyds TSB, including implementing:

  • A magnetic ink clearing system. This processed new share issues for the building society’s floatations in the 1990s.
  • A reconciliation system. This enabled Lloyds to automatically match differences in failed cheque batches in order to balance the books faster.
  • A scheduling system. This organised and planned the delivery and collection of large cash deliveries to its branches.


Townsend Information Systems was involved in the support and enhancement of a back office trading floor system in order to monitor traders’ financial exposure on deals – the system covered the derivatives market such as futures and options.

Townsend Information Systems was also involved in the development of a new trading platform in order to allow the entry of term swaps and were solely responsible for improving the performance of the application.

The technology sat on BP’s server and linked to their main trading offices in London and Singapore.

So many web applications…

With so many web applications in our portfolio, it’s very likely we have already created a solution that performs the functions you need.

Since we are able to reuse many components, we can deliver the functionality you need quickly – at a very competitive price.

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